Meguiar’s Marine RV Fiberglass Restoration System

We have a 2004 Glendale Titanium.  We were not the first owners and when it was purchased the fiberglass had oxidation.  Because of the trailers age it was important to us that we clean it up and restore the fiberglass.  We had two reasons behind this; one was that we were living in it full time and wanted the trailer to look clean and cared for.  The second reason was that sometimes employers will ask for a picture of your vehicles with your application and/or will ask for the age of your vehicles.  In a few cases we suspect that we were disqualified from a job because of the age of our rig and in other cases we have proven that regardless of their age both of our vehicles are well maintained.

In order to restore and maintain the fiberglass on our RV we use the Meguiar’s Fiberglass Restoration System.   It is important to note that this system does not replace washing the RV and in fact the RV needs to be washed prior to the first step in the system.  The dirt needs to be removed from the fiberglass so that it does not get into the cloth being used to apply the material.  The reason being that the particles of dirt could scratch the fiberglass.  The restoration system consists of three steps; first is the oxidation remover.  The function of the oxidation remover is to enhance color and improve surface degradation.  It works on the gel coat and fiberglass to restore the surface to a more glossy and bright state.  The product is abrasive enough to remove the oxidation while gentle enough not to damage the surface of the fiberglass.  The second step in the system is the high gloss polish.  The polish is used to restore the oils in the pores of the fiberglass.  Those oils increase the shine achieved in the first step.  Once the first two steps are completed it is time for the pure wax; the final step.  The pure wax seals the surface of the fiberglass to seal in the moisture and protect the pores of the fiberglass from environmental contaminants.  We complete this system roughly every six months.  When we first started using this product we had to use multiple coats of the oxidation remover and the polish which made it a lengthy task.  The more we have done it the easier the process has become and now we are able to complete the system by applying one coat for each step.  We have tried other products prior to using the Meguiar’s system however, we were unable to achieve the same results as the Meguiar’s.  For our application we have been happy with the Meguiar’s Fiberglass Restoration System and will continue to use it in the future.

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