Inteli-Power 9100 Converter by Progressive Dynamics

The Inteli-Power 9100 converts 120AC power to 12v DC power.  In our RV, AC power or alternating current comes through the 30amp plug which is then distributed to all of the AC outlets in the RV.  The converter is plugged into one of those AC outlets and takes that power and converts it into 12v DC power to charge our battery bank.  One of the features of this converter is that it has a 15amp plug to connect it to the AC power source as opposed to being hard wired into the RV electrical system.  We have found this feature to be very useful when moochdocking.  When we plug into an exterior outlet on our hosts home we could plug in our 30amp plug with the use of an adaptor that daps down from 30amp to 15amp and then our converter would function as would when we are plugged into a 30amp outlet.  However, when the plug is dapped down to 15amps that does not mean that we only have the potential of drawing 15amps.  We still have the potential of demanding more power from the outlet which could then in turn trip a breaker off in our hosts house or worse burn the outlet.  To avoid this issue, we have come up with another solution.  Since the converter has a 15amp plug on it we bypass our main AC power inlet and plug the converter via an extension cord directly into our hosts home.  What this does is limit our potential draw from the house to 6amps maximum.  Hopefully not tripping the breaker.  This means that the batteries are getting charged and our DC power needs are being met; but what about our AC outlets and appliances?  For that we use our inverter.  This allows us to invert the 12v DC power from the batteries back to AC in order to use our 120 outlets.  This is inefficient.  And, there are systems out there that have the capability of limiting the power that the RV draws from a specific source.  Those systems can be costly.  The method we use is to get around that expense for now.

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