Everchill 12V Refrigerator

The Everchill 12v refrigerator has been a nomadic life changing appliance. The main purpose for choosing this refrigerator was that it was going to get us one step closer to eliminating propane from our 5th wheel. Now, this is not the only 12V refrigerator on the market. At the time that we purchased there were not very many on the market, and it was being sold at a cost that fit our budget. And, we really wanted to replace the OEM propane refrigerator. When we looked into purchasing the OEM replacement, the cost came out to roughly the same as purchasing the Everchill refrigerator, the solar panels, and the charge controller that would be necessary to help charge the batteries so that we could keep the refrigerator running when we were not plugged into shore power. Also, having a 12V refrigerator meant that we would not have to run an inverter constantly when we were not plugged into an AC power source. Another reason for going with the 12V refrigerator was that we wanted more space for food storage. The old 2-way refrigerator and the 12V refrigerator have the same exterior dimensions however, the usable interior space is drastically different. Due to the absorption system and cooling fins in the propane refrigerator the interior storage is a considerable amount smaller than that of the 12V refrigerator. This was a huge deal for us as it allowed us to go longer between shopping trips and travel to places that were further away from grocery stores.

Now to the details and specifications. This refrigerator 10.7 Cu Ft and does run off of 12V electricity from our batteries all the time. As far as DC amp draw goes, upon start up it can draw 8-9 amps until it reaches the desired temperature.

As far as operation goes, we monitor the temperature of the refrigerator and our remaining battery power to make sure that they have the power required to keep the refrigerator running. With the old 2-way refrigerator we needed to monitor the batteries, propane, temperature, and if connected to shore power monitor that we still had power coming in. Changing to the 12V refrigerator eliminated a few of the things we needed to monitor. It hasn’t been a huge difference for operation but when you are on the road and have multiple systems and components to monitor any amount of simplification helps.

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