Aims Power Converter

This converter was not our first choice. We had an incident that caused our Progressive Dynamics converter to fail and we found ourselves in search of a new power converter and quickly. We were very happy with the Progressive Dynamics converter we had. It had proved tried and true and they are made in the USA. When we found ourselves in need of a new converter we were highly considering purchasing another Progressive Dynamics converter. So why didn’t we? We had AGM batteries at the time but we were considering the switch to Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. We didn’t want to buy another converter when we switched our batteries and at the time Progressive Dynamics did not have a converter that would work for both AGM and Lithium. This led to a search for converters that would work for both types of batteries.

Why Aims?

We looked a several options that would work with the battery types, had similar features to the Progressive Dynamics converter, and that would work for our budget. Especially sisnce we were not expecting to have to replace the converter at the time. We were impressed with the Aims inverter we had purchased back in 2018 which did contribute to the decision in purchasing the Aims converter. As well as the cost, under $250 at the time.

Is this the best converter on the market? The short answer is NO. When we made the decision to go with the Aims converter though it fit our needs, budget, and had a few features we really liked.

  • fault lights – handy for troubleshooting issues
  • you can change the charge current with a dial on the converter
  • change battery chemistry using the dip switches on the converter
  • On/ Off switch
  • has a 15 amp plug – we really like this because it allows us to bypass the 30amp plug and just send power to the batteries without turning on the AC power in the 5th wheel
  • battery temp control sensor – this allows the converter to compensate the charge rate based on battery temperature. Which helps with battery life span for lead acid batteries.
What does a converter do?

A converter takes AC (Alternating Current at 120v) power and converts it to DC (Direct Current) Power.

Why is a converter necessary?

A converter is necessary as most RVs have a DC 12v power system on board in addition to the AC power system. Many times lights, slide rooms, fans, etc. are 12v powered via an onboard battery. These items are powered via battery so that they will work when the RV is not plugged into shore power. The battery needs to be charged in order to run those items. So why do we plug the converter into an AC power source in order to convert the current to DC power before it goes into the batteries?

AC (120v Alternating Current) cannot be stored. The battery is a way of storing or saving power to be used later and the only way to do this is if the current is DC (direct current).

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