Carlisle Tire Review

3 Year or 21, 230 mile Review

Ben has had five different brands of trailer tires between the two fifth wheels he has owned. Of those brands the Carlisle tires have been his favorite. Below are some of the attributes that he likes about the Carlisle tires and why they have become his favorite over other brands.

  • Tread Pattern
  • Highway handling
  • Off road handling
  • length of life (taking into consideration extra wear and tear)

Could we have gotten more life out of these tires? Probably. We had some additional factors besides normal wear contributing to the end of their life. Our trailer axels are slightly out of alignment which leads to uneven wear along the edge of our tires. (To combat this, we do rotate the trailer tire to try to get as much life as possible out of them.) We also do not always put the tire covers on, protecting them from the sun, as sometimes we move so frequently, it just becomes an extra step in setting up. That being said we did also have these tires when we were staying in southern Utah one summer and they were covered but had 100+ degree fahrenheit temperatures and sun beating down on them constantly. They also were exposed to the other extreme of freezing cold temperatures in the sierra mountains of California and in New England. And, we also take them off road. Long story short we are tough on our tires. And, considering the abuse we put these tires through we were very impressed with how they held up.

The tires did still have good tread when we decided to change them out. The reason leading to our decision to change the tires was some cracking starting to develop along the side wall and we decided to change the tires rather than risk a blow out.

All in all we were very happy with the Carlisle trailer tires and would put them on our trailer again in the future.

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