About Us

We are all about adventure, learning, and living a great life.

We are a working class nomad couple.  Our entire relationship has been built on the road and working seasonally (work camping).  We have never known a traditional home together.   And, we have found great joy and camaraderie through an unconventional lifestyle.  After five years of living on the road, its time to write about it.  This blog will discuss where we are at now and where we have been.  This journey includes times when we only had 47 cents in our bank accounts to seasons when we finished our jobs with months and months of travel expenses in our pockets.  We will share modifications that we have done to our set up to make it more cost effective and comfortable for mobile living as well as easier to operate.  (We can be pretty lazy when it comes to doing any unnecessary work).  We’ll also share how we’ve taken our unconventional RV lifestyle to the extremes and have put our knowledge, skills, and resilience to the test; weathering hot summer days in the dessert to cold and snowy winter nights.  Combining our passion for travel and exploration with our passion for modifying our RV so that we can live our best life.  Join us as we share the components that make our lives possible and keep our home rolling down the road.

I’m Lauren! My journey to the nomadic lifestyle started with a passion for skiing. I wanted to ski new mountains and explore more places. That journey led to meeting Ben and grew a passion for RVing. I love being outdoors skiing (downhill snow skiing) or exploring, food and cooking, working on upgrades to our rig, and learning new things whether it be a new job or a new experience amidst our travels.

I’m Ben! Growing up I never found my passion or place in life. When I tried Nomadism I instantly knew that I found my place in life and my passion. Prior to that moment in my life, I built a few different skill sets searching for my niche, from working in transportation to fabrication and a few in between. I love life on the road. I love working different types of jobs all over the country and modifying our home.

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