Carlisle Tire Review

3 Year or 21, 230 mile Review Ben has had five different brands of trailer tires between the two fifth wheels he has owned. Of those brands the Carlisle tires have been his favorite. Below are some of the attributes that he likes about the Carlisle tires and why they have become his favorite overContinue reading “Carlisle Tire Review”

Aims Power Converter

This converter was not our first choice. We had an incident that caused our Progressive Dynamics converter to fail and we found ourselves in search of a new power converter and quickly. We were very happy with the Progressive Dynamics converter we had. It had proved tried and true and they are made in theContinue reading “Aims Power Converter”

Work Camping

A compilation of what we have learned after 8+ Years Work Camping Ben and I have been work camping for over seven years now. And, we have had a variety of experiences. While it is not always financially lucrative it has afforded us many experience that we may not have otherwise had. It has beenContinue reading “Work Camping”

Cooking on Diesel

Installing and Operating the Wallas Nordic DT and 86D The Details/ Specifications: Nordic DT The Nordic DT is a single burner diesel stovetop/ air heater. It can be switched back and forth between cook mode and heater mode with the control panel. Fuel Consumption: 3-6.5 oz/ hour Fuel Type: Diesel #1 or #2 Power: 12vContinue reading “Cooking on Diesel”

Season 12

Great Location, Great Friends, and a Surprise Ending After driving over a mountain pass in a snow storm we had not anticipated, we made it to our latest work camping job in Grand Teton National Park. The journey here had not been an easy one an we were ready to park the rig and stayContinue reading “Season 12”

Everchill 12V Refrigerator

The Everchill 12v refrigerator has been a nomadic life changing appliance. The main purpose for choosing this refrigerator was that it was going to get us one step closer to eliminating propane from our 5th wheel. Now, this is not the only 12V refrigerator on the market. At the time that we purchased there wereContinue reading “Everchill 12V Refrigerator”

Season 11/ 11.5

The best laid plans aren’t always perfect At the end of season ten we had made a quick jaunt up to Michigan to see a friend of Lauren’s. From there we had to make a bee line for our job in Pennsylvania via a stop at Ronsheim Campground and a night boondocking in a WalmartContinue reading “Season 11/ 11.5”

Solid Rubber Wheel Chock by Haul-Master

Ben has had these wheel chocks for two trailers and they have been around since before we met.  That means that these wheel chocks purchased from Harbor Freight have been in use for roughly nine years.  The rubber is starting to degrade and the rubber handles are starting to break off however, that does notContinue reading “Solid Rubber Wheel Chock by Haul-Master”

Single Rear Wheel VS. Dually

There are lots of reasons to have a dual rear wheel on your truck when towing.  One of the biggest is for the increased payload capacity.  And, probably the only reason we would choose a dually over the single rear wheel.  Our truck moves our RV but it is also a daily driver.  We doContinue reading “Single Rear Wheel VS. Dually”

Poop Pyramids

We are going to talk about poop pyramids.  Sorry if that brings on a gross visual.  Poop Pyramids is what happens in an RVs black tank when solid waste builds up.  Why does this happen?  The short answer is that that ratio of liquid to solid waste in the tank is too low.  Reasons thisContinue reading “Poop Pyramids”