Cooking on Diesel

Installing and Operating the Wallas Nordic DT and 86D The Details/ Specifications: Nordic DT The Nordic DT is a single burner diesel stovetop/ air heater. It can be switched back and forth between cook mode and heater mode with the control panel. Fuel Consumption: 3-6.5 oz/ hour Fuel Type: Diesel #1 or #2 Power: 12vContinue reading “Cooking on Diesel”

Everchill 12V Refrigerator

The Everchill 12v refrigerator has been a nomadic life changing appliance. The main purpose for choosing this refrigerator was that it was going to get us one step closer to eliminating propane from our 5th wheel. Now, this is not the only 12V refrigerator on the market. At the time that we purchased there wereContinue reading “Everchill 12V Refrigerator”

Our RV Remodel Story

Considering the remodel and renovation of our 29’ Fifth Wheel was something we dreamed about but didn’t get serious about until we realized that the frame of our trailer was cracked behind the pin under the fiberglass covering and bowed in the back.  For us this meant two options; we either get rid of theContinue reading “Our RV Remodel Story”