Single Rear Wheel VS. Dually

There are lots of reasons to have a dual rear wheel on your truck when towing.  One of the biggest is for the increased payload capacity.  And, probably the only reason we would choose a dually over the single rear wheel.  Our truck moves our RV but it is also a daily driver.  We doContinue reading “Single Rear Wheel VS. Dually”

Wix Filters

We are big proponents of doing regular inspections and maintenance on our vehicles.  A part of upkeep on our truck is regular oil changes and fuel filter changes.  For these applications we use the Wix line of filters.  We have used other oil filters in the past but we keep coming back to the WixContinue reading “Wix Filters”

Fluid Change/ Mobil 1

A big part of keeping us on the road is making sure that we service the fluids in the truck according to the recommended change schedule.  We have a 3500 Chevy with the Duramax engine and Allison Transmission.  For the oil and transmission fluid changes we use Mobil 1 products. We change our oil everyContinue reading “Fluid Change/ Mobil 1”