Devils Creek Reservoir

Malad City, Idaho  Stayed 6/27/18.  There seemed to be a lot of long term or seasonal rigs.  When we go there we were able to do after hours registration and only planned on staying the night and departing early.  It was adequate and reasonably priced for a quick overnight. Campground Website

Season 5

not all things last At our next job we would be working in a campground doing a little bit of everything. We were very excited about this opportunity. It wasn’t a very large campground and the owners were great! After we started we found out that there would be another young couple working with usContinue reading “Season 5”

Season 4

The season that almost ended this story This season was starting off great! We were going to a new ski resort and we would be staying at an RV park that Ben had work camped at previously. And to top it off we were going to caravan there with friends Travis and Tina for theirContinue reading “Season 4”