Electrical Tool Box

Our tool box has grown and changed a lot since we have been traveling.  We realized after a while that we were doing a lot of electrical work on the RV.  We carried a digital multimeter, fuses, extra light bulbs, and wire connectors but they weren’t all together and they were not convenient to get…

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Unijack by Powerbuilt

The Powerbuilt Unijack 6000 combines the safety aspects of a jack stand with the lifting ability of a hydraulic bottle jack.  The two components are combined on a 9”x9” base, it sits 11 inches tall with a 10-inch throw, and has a 6000lb lifting capacity.  What we liked about them is that it is a…

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Tools in Our Arsenal

Sometimes a part of RVing is making repairs whether your rig is new or seen a mile or two. The part that is more fun is upgrading equipment and systems. Here we will share some of the tools we travel with to get those jobs done both small and large.

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