Poop Pyramids

We are going to talk about poop pyramids.  Sorry if that brings on a gross visual.  Poop Pyramids is what happens in an RVs black tank when solid waste builds up.  Why does this happen?  The short answer is that that ratio of liquid to solid waste in the tank is too low.  Reasons this…

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Fluid Change/ Mobil 1

A big part of keeping us on the road is making sure that we service the fluids in the truck according to the recommended change schedule.  We have a 3500 Chevy with the Duramax engine and Allison Transmission.  For the oil and transmission fluid changes we use Mobil 1 products. We change our oil every…

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Meguiar’s Marine RV Fiberglass Restoration System

We have a 2004 Glendale Titanium.  We were not the first owners and when it was purchased the fiberglass had oxidation.  Because of the trailers age it was important to us that we clean it up and restore the fiberglass.  We had two reasons behind this; one was that we were living in it full…

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What Keeps Us Rolling

This page is a record of the upkeep on the vehicles that allow us to move all across the country.

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