Unijack by Powerbuilt

The Powerbuilt Unijack 6000 combines the safety aspects of a jack stand with the lifting ability of a hydraulic bottle jack.  The two components are combined on a 9”x9” base, it sits 11 inches tall with a 10-inch throw, and has a 6000lb lifting capacity.  What we liked about them is that it is a jack stand and bottle jack in one unit saving precious space in our tool box.  The simplicity of use is great as well, as you place the jack stand underneath the lift point and use the bottle jack to essentially lift the jack stand creating one contact point with the vehicle.   That means the lift point on the vehicle and the point of safety are the same.  In addition, there is also a safety lever on the jack stand that can be engaged to lock the jack stand into place.

We own two Unijacks and have used them to lift our truck and trailer for projects from rotating the tires to maintenance and roadside emergencies.  Powerbuilt also makes a smaller Unijack with a 3000lb lifting capacity for lighter weight vehicles.  We have found the compact design and lifting capacity has made it a great tool for RVing.   However, it would also be a helpful tool to anyone who needs to lift their vehicles.

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