Solid Rubber Wheel Chock by Haul-Master

Ben has had these wheel chocks for two trailers and they have been around since before we met.  That means that these wheel chocks purchased from Harbor Freight have been in use for roughly nine years.  The rubber is starting to degrade and the rubber handles are starting to break off however, that does not make them unusable.  They are still working great.  Although, it may be time to think about replacing a few of them before they fail completely.  The lifespan of these has made them well worth the money.  In fact, when he purchased them they were six dollars apiece and he purchased four of them.  If we nerd out for a moment and break down the math for $24 over a 9-year period which is 3,285 days we come up with a cost of .007 cents per day.

One of the reasons we like the rubber wheel chock is that the material has some give to it.  This means we can snug up the tires to the front chock and then place the rear chock after which we can put the vehicle in neutral and allow it to settle.  This holds the chocks so tight to the tires that it reduces the forward and aft wiggle in the trailer, the chocks cannot be removed without moving the vehicle, and there is a sense of security knowing that they are tight to the wheel versus sitting loosely against the wheel.  All in all, these wheel chocks definitely make our list of RV must haves.

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