Single Rear Wheel VS. Dually

There are lots of reasons to have a dual rear wheel on your truck when towing.  One of the biggest is for the increased payload capacity.  And, probably the only reason we would choose a dually over the single rear wheel.  Our truck moves our RV but it is also a daily driver.  We do not have another vehicle and therefore our truck needs to take us anywhere we want to go.  We have been thankful for the single rear wheel in situations such as driving Going to the Sun Road and the needles highway as well as parking in small historic towns, big cities, and parking garages.  We would prefer to have a dually for the payload capabilities however, the single rear wheel has served us well as both a tow vehicle and as a daily driver.  This goes along with our mentality of owning equipment that is not only versatile but multifunctional.

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